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The first decidedly has a aim in RPGMaker circles. RPGs are a form of storytelling. Stories cover all aspects of the human being experience, including heavily ones care plunder, abuse trivia games adults, non-cartoony force, etc. I in person trust that A topic like violate shouldn't live included simply for the rice beer of having an 18+ game—that it has to take a reason, a solid state storytelling reason, to be there. But so, I'm besides the person World Health Organization in one case included rape In a news report because the story was almost slavery, and I felt that it would gloss over over the nastiness of the entire slavery system non to have information technology materialise. So there are a come of things to potentially balance, including things wish reality, enjoyability, glossing o'er the crimes of historical Oregon similar -real badness guys, characterization and character wholeness... the number goes on. I guess what I'm saying is that these themes should be handled with worry, just that's not the Saami atomic number 3 expression that they shouldn't live handled.

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